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 RACO Remote Alarms And Controls
Press Releases


RACO Solutions Bulletin Describes Closed-Loop Control System for Remote Facilities

Emeryville, Calif., April 15, 1999 ­ RACO Manufacturing & Engineering Company of Emeryville, California, today announced the availability of their new Communications Solutions Bulletin describing how a pair of RACO Verbatim Systems can be used to form a low-cost closed-loop control system for operation of remotely located electrical devices. In addition, the system also provides alarm autodialing to ensure proper system operation. Download the PDF file or call RACO at 510-658-6713 to receive this bulletin.

Compared with alternative SCADA and DCS systems, the easy-to-use Verbatim system offers many important advantages from cost, installation, and maintenance standpoints.

The RACO control system utilizes two RACO Verbatim units operating over a standard dial-up landline or wireless telephone link. A dedicated phone line is not required. And because Verbatim Systems report by exception they do not require continuous polling. The systems only operate when a control function needs to be initiated.

A master Verbatim at a central control point communicates with a remote Verbatim unit located near the device to be operated. If an alarm is detected at the master location, such as low water level in a tank being monitored, the master Verbatim calls the remote Verbatim, which causes activation of a control output relay, which turns on a pump motor to fill the tank. When the tank level reaches maximum, another alarm would initiate an action to turn the pump off. After receipt of each control command, the remote Verbatim acknowledges that the instruction was received.

If the master Verbatim does not receive an acknowledgement from the remote Verbatim, the master begins an alarm calling sequence, calling a list of preprogrammed emergency phone numbers until it gets an answer. When answered and acknowledged, the master system reports the alarm location and trouble. Verbatim units can report alarms to a central computer or call any standard phone, cellular phone, numeric or voice pager, or voice mail system.

Supervisory personnel can call in at any time from any standard touch-tone phone to get a system status report, change alarm parameters, or execute a command. A hard copy of alarm data can be printed out using the system's data logging capabilities.

Each Verbatim unit can be equipped with up to 32 digital inputs and up to 16 analog inputs, together with 4 or 8 relay outputs. The units plug into standard phone jacks and operate with 115 VAC power. If standard phone lines are not available or have been disabled, RACO's Cellularm system is available to permit alarm reporting over the cellular network.

About RACO

For over 50 years, RACO Manufacturing and Engineering has been the leading manufacturer of automatic dialing and remote monitoring systems. Located in Emeryville, California RACO's Verbatim®, Verbatim Gateway®, Guard-It, Chatterbox®, Cellularm, Responder and SCADA Systems are the industry's first choice in municipal water/wastewater, industrial water/wastewater, energy production, and facilities monitoring applications. RACO's partners include Rockwell Automation, Gorman-Rupp, AEG Schneider, Trihedral Engineering and more.

For more information contact RACO at 1400 62nd St., Emeryville, CA 94608; Ph: 800-722-6999; Fax: 510-658-3153; email: sales@racoman.com, or visit us at: www.racoman.com


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