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 RACO Remote Alarms And Controls
welcome to RACO


Verbatim SCADA system


The Powerful, Versatile, Pump Station Performance Monitoring System

Verbatim SCADA System software for Windows is a great upgrade for Verbatim RTU users, allowing you to combine a Verbatim System with a Central Station Host Computer and interface up to 2500 Verbatim RTUs.

This simple, cost-effective, "report-by-exception" system ensures continuous monitoring, reporting, data logging and alarm autodialing.

Verbatim® SCADA's features allow you to:

  • Manage and monitor a fleet of up to 2500 RTUs (Windows version), with the ability to save, modify, and restore all RTU configurations
  • Poll even large fleets easily with support for up to eight simultaneous sessions
  • View and monitor pump station status variables remotely, including pump starts, runtime and failure
  • Set up polling schedules, RTUs, modem lines and more with our straightforward, built-in templates
  • Obtain a wide range of reporting capabilities, including the ability to view, print, e-mail or save reports as files
  • Maintain a capacity of up to 2.5 billion bytes of data — 2 Mb per RTU
  • Collect data efficiently through polling schedules or on-demand — no more hours on the phone calling your RTUs
  • Store collected data automatically into a centralized MySQL database
  • Eliminate your need for programming and programmers with a system designed specifically for Verbatim RTUs
This Verbatim SCADA System page will provide you with product specifications, ordering information and technical support. Contact RACO directly to find out how our wide array of products can provide you with a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to your data logging, alarm autodialing, remote monitoring, reporting and control requirements.

Verbatim SCADA System Overview

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