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 RACO Remote Alarms And Controls
Press Releases



CATALYST™ is World’s First Integrated, Interactive Data Logger and Alarm Notification System

Emeryville, Calif., May 15, 2001 - RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Company today announces the availability of their new CATALYST Interactive Communications System, which is designed to handle a broad spectrum of remote monitoring, reporting, and control applications ranging from a single point to a full multi-point, multi-station network.

“Our new CATALYST Data Logger Interactive Communications System is the result of many years of field experience with our Verbatim® and Chatterbox® systems,” said RACO's James Brown, vice president of marketing. “This new system represents a leap forward in the design of a monitoring and reporting system that offers economy, together with flexibility, reliability, and uncomplicated functionality.”

CATALYST systems operate over standard dial-up landline or wireless telephone networks. They can report to a central computer or call any standard phone, cellular phone, fax, numeric or voice pager, or voice mail system.

An individual system provides monitoring of up to 256 remote channels for alarm reporting, status checking, and data logging functions. Featuring up to five megabytes of on-board memory, the CATALYST system can monitor data samples, alarms, channel state changes and configuration changes. Four physical universal inputs are also provided for direct monitoring and reporting.

CATALYST systems are designed to sense universal physical or remote channels monitored at remote facilities. They accept information coming from level and temperature indicators, flow meters, switches, annunciator panels, motors, pumps, compressors, PLCs, SCADA systems, or other devices being monitored.

These flexible systems permit the addition of data logging and alarm reporting capabilities to any compatible PLC-based monitoring and control network. They support all devices (PLCs, remote I/O, annunciators, chart recorders, etc.) compatible with Modbus® Master RTU protocol.

Communications with a PLC uses only a RS-232 serial cable connection, enabling users to avoid the high cost of complex wiring, relays, additional PLC outputs, and reprogramming. Because CATALYST systems do not need to be polled, alarms are reported instantaneously and network message traffic is minimized.

The system features ease of programming using free-of-charge RACO Alarmware™ System Configuration Software, which lets the user quickly set up all monitoring, reporting, and control functions. Once programmed, the system will function automatically. A PIN-based security system safeguards all settings. Upgrades are simply downloaded and may be accessed from the Internet - users can get the most current functionality and features without ever having to remove the unit from service.

In addition to CATALYST's data logging features, upon detection of an alarm condition, the system will automatically dial a preprogrammed sequence of up to 96 emergency phone numbers, calling until it gets an answer. When contact is made, the system will report the location and type of alarm via pre-recorded voice messages. Alarm messages are digitally prerecorded by the user at the system control panel. Up to 45 minutes of real voice message recording time is available for this function.

To keep track of system operation, supervisory personnel can call in at any time from any touch-tone phone to get a status report. They can also call in to change alarm parameters or execute a command. As required, hard copies of alarm data can be printed out using the system’s data logging capabilities.

CATALYST systems are contained in a durable, metal housing measuring 11-7/8” high by 9” wide by 5” deep. The systems are provided with 10-hour rechargeable battery backup and are furnished with a 5-year warranty.

About RACO

For over 50 years, RACO Manufacturing and Engineering has been the nation’s leading manufacturer of autodialing, monitoring, reporting and control systems. Located in Emeryville, California, RACO’s Catalyst™, Verbatim®, Verbatim® Gateway, Guard-It®, Chatterbox®, Cellularm™, Responder®, and SCADA Systems are the first choice in municipal water/wastewater, industrial water/wastewater, energy production and facilities monitoring applications.

For more information contact RACO at 1400 62nd St., Emeryville, CA 94608; Ph: 800-722-6999; Fax: 510-658-3153; email: sales@racoman.com, or visit us at: www.racoman.com


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