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 RACO Remote Alarms And Controls
Press Releases


RACO Autodialers Now Instantly Accessed Through Popular PC-Based Industrial Software

Verbatim Connections Integrated into WEB® Software by Trihedral Engineering

Emeryville, Calif., February 25, 1999 ­ RACO Manufacturing & Engineering Company of Emeryville, California, today announced that they have embedded their Verbatim Connections software into Trihedral Engineering's PC-based WEB® software that is widely used within OEM HMI/SCADA and control industries. WEB is an object-oriented software package, which features an easy-to-use operator interface for system integrators to customize software for their individual plant needs. Version 5.0 of WEB has a RACO driver that will enable users point-and-click access of Verbatim autodialers with full support from within the WEB software, eliminating the need to run a separate Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server connection.

"By having the configuration program embedded within the software suite, you eliminate the need to purchase and load separate connection software for each manufacturer's product," said Glenn Wadden, president of Trihedral Engineering Limited. "This is important when working with OEMs and system integrators."

"We are seeing a large growth in control industries toward a Windows-based environment," said James Brown, vice president of sales and marketing at RACO Manufacturing & Engineering Company, Inc. "WEB is very popular among these users because it uses the latest in object-oriented technology and is event-driven, which offers developers an environment that is easy to customize and maintain with no additional server programming required."

Verbatim Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) operate over standard landline or cellular telephone networks, and report directly to WEB with any alarms or alarm conditions. WEB supervises the autodialing function, which operates simultaneously with the process control system. Because Verbatim systems do not need to be polled, alarms are reported instantaneously and control system message traffic is minimized. Each Verbatim unit monitors up to 32 digital inputs and up to 16 analog inputs, together with 4 or 8 relay outputs.

WEB is a HMI (human machine interface, or operator interface) software package, which runs on Windows NT or Windows 98/95. Because it is object-oriented, the devices within the plant are treated as single logical units, or objects, rather than having to define separate analog and digital tags for each I/O point on the device. WEB allows operators to interact with the plant by using features tailored specifically to the site, like trending, alarming, security, and redundancy measures. Graphical representations on the screen show actual devices which are used in the plant, such as motors, pumps, or RTUs. The embedded RACO connection will be generally available early in 2Q99.

About Trihedral Engineering

Trihedral Engineering Limited was founded in 1986, and is the producer of WEB software for industrial monitoring and control. First released in 1988, WEB software provides system integrators and advanced end users with the building blocks to graphically depict every aspect and function of industrial equipment. Today, WEB is used in over 3,000 plants in oil and gas, nuclear, fossil and hydro power, food and beverage, automotive, plastics, water and waste water, and telemetry.

About RACO

For over 50 years, RACO Manufacturing and Engineering has been the leading manufacturer of automatic dialing and remote monitoring systems. Located in Emeryville, California RACO's Verbatim®, Verbatim Gateway®, Guard-It, Chatterbox®, Cellularm, Responder, Connections™ DDE Server Software, and SCADA Systems are the industry's first choice in municipal water/wastewater, industrial water/wastewater, energy production, and facilities monitoring applications. RACO's partners include Rockwell Automation, Gorman-Rupp, AEG Schneider, Trihedral Engineering and more.

For more information contact RACO at 1400 62nd St., Emeryville, CA 94608; Ph: 800-722-6999; Fax: 510-658-3153; email: sales@racoman.com, or visit us at: www.racoman.com


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